'Two Groovy' knitted wire set

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Make your little girls second birthday a magical one with this '2 Groovy' handmade knitted wire wall decor set. Your hippie party will stand out from the rest with this custom retro 70's birthday party decoration!

  • Peace sign
  • Flower
  • 'Two'
  • 'Groovy'

There are 20 color options to choose from. Please make a note at checkout for which colors you would like for each of the 4 items.

The letters T, g & y are approximately 6" tall while the other letters are roughly 2-3" tall. 


Don't forget to add a custom cake topper & tassel garland to complete the look.


We use the softest yarn to knit and shape the wires by hand. They can be easily hung using a nail, thumbtack, hooks, or sitting on a shelf.


*Decoration only!* Please keep out of arm's reach of small children.